About Us
Italian design at its best
From the Beginning

Ongoing dedication to offer new product concepts to our customers with high standards of technological innovation, safety and quality.
This is the mission that the Forma brand has been following for many years and the new 017 collection is the ultimate expression of motorcycle boots made by Forma.

Built through Italian heritage
Supporting the european community

We are proud to offer boots that are designed and developed in italy and manufactured in the european community

Real Safety for real needs
CE Certification

Safety is the most important aspect when purchasing motorcycle boots so Forma has made CE approval on its products a must. Forma boots are EN 13634:2010 tested and updated in the same legislation in 2015; EN 13634:2015 which is the specific protective footwear requirement for motorcycle riders. CE certification is obtained only after specific and strict tests are made by Ricotest, a credited Italian testing and research center.

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