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Mid Dual Flex Midsole

A contoured shaped polypropylene midsole to offer medium (higher) front flexibility. The stiffness in the back is secured by a steel insert. This midsole is used in the touring/adventure and urban ranges.

Breathable Lining Air Mesh

This boot features a breathable lining air mesh.

Akira Construction

1. Natural fiber reinforced polypropylene (PPHM) plastic shell, 2. Foam PE with embossed aluminum for thermal insulation, 3. Shock absorbing SAS-TEC foam, 4. Thermoformed PE foam with lycra lining, 5. Polyester, perforated PE foam and breathable lining, 6. Air ventilation pockets with elastomer profile.

Level 2 CE Approved.

Double CE Approved. EN 1621-2:2013 (Level 2) With SAS-TEC Foam.

F.C.S (Flex Control System)

Safety, comfort and riding performance have always been our top priority and this has been respected thanks to the F.C.S. (Flex Control System). The articulated construction system was created and adapted to give the rider decisive protection during wear. The system further supports the ankle, permitting excellent flex movement front-to-back while still guaranteeing anti-torsion side-to-side. The rear flex movement comes to a full and complete stop, preventing eventual ankle traumas in the case of abrupt movements. The special shape of the F.C.S. brace offers protective cushioning during rapid or unexpectedmaneuvers.

Stainless Steel Sliders

This boot features stainless steel sliders.

Forma - Performing Boots

Safety is the most important aspect when purchasing motorcycle boots so Forma has made CE approval on its products a must. Forma boots are EN 13634:2010 tested and updated in the same legislation in 2015; EN 13634:2015 which is the specific protective footwear requirement for motorcycle riders. CE certification is obtained only after specific and strict tests are made by Ricotest, a credited Italian testing and research center.

Air Intake System

The lateral air vents permit air circulation within the boot. Air enters through the lateral vents and exits through the vented heel cup.

Zip Closure

This boot features a zip closure.

FFC (Front Fastening Closure)

The instep area features a semi-elastic strap that permits a personalized fit. It can be easily adjusted and is extremely easy to open and close.

Polyurethane Inner Protections

This boot features polyurethane inner protection.

Flexible Anti-dust & Insect Proof Plastic Collar

Flexible plastic collar with mesh inserts that avoids dust and insects from getting inside the boot.

Inner Polyurethane Guards

This boot features inner polyurethane guards.

Rear Pump Ratchet Closure

Simple and quick regulation of all calf sizes is assured thanks to the rear pump ratchet closure and plastic strap.

Replaceable Antibacterial Pad

An innovative footbed that allows ventilation inside the footwear thanks to a pump effect guaranteed by a specific relief on the central part and the air discharge holes.

Heat Gripper Inserts

To guarantee maximum boot grip with the bike, a heat resistant rubber insert has been inserted in the heel area.

CE Approved

This boot is CE Approved.

Personalized Racing Sole

Exclusive Forma personalized double density riding sole to satisfy racing users even in the most extreme riding conditions.

Italian design made in the EU

Designed and developed in Italy. Made in the European Community.

Vented Slider

Lightweight, stainless steel metallic finish, elevated durability and abrasion resistance are only a few of the features of this quick and easy replaceable vented slider.

Insole EVA anti shock cover

This boot features an insole EVA anti shock cover.

Outdry® Technology

OutDry® is a new patented process which allows the lamination of the membrane directly to the upper. Thanks to this unique process, OutDry® is able to enhance the comfort and the performance of the boots, especially if compared to the traditional and standard waterproof bootie system which creates a gap between the boot and the membrane. In rainy or snowy conditions, water penetrates and remains trapped inside between the bootie and the upper. The foot remains dry, but the boot becomes much heavier and the membrane breathability is reduced due to the humidity and stagnant water. On the contrary, with OutDry® technology the membrane is firmly bonded to the inside of the upper and there is no possibility of creating extra space. The footwear remains water-free, lightweight and breathability is maintained.

Upper Leather

This boot features a leather upper.

Reinforced TPU Protections

Safety is further guaranteed thanks to TPU moulded plastic protections in all critical shin, ankle, heel and toe areas.

Cooling Boot System

Forma in cooperation with Inuteq®, presents the patented COOLING BOOT system. This new system will keep your feet cool and dry, raising the level of comfort and overall performance of your motorcycle boot even in the hottest weather conditions. The temperature is regulated based on the process of evaporation which is activated automatically with the use of water ALONE. To cool your feet a limited amount of water (max 15ml) is needed to obtain a long cooling effect. The cooling capacity of this new patented system depends on the outside temperature and humidity, as well as the air flow factor. The cooling capacity slightly decreases in case of elevated humidity, but in any case goes from 5°C to 15°C while the duration of the cooling effect varies from a minimum of 8 hours to 72 hours. The higher the external temperature and the air flow intake, the greater the overall cooling effect. The Forma COOLING BOOT has been specifically designed with material inserts that facilitate air intake to the boot while riding. This means greater comfort and sense of freshness!


This boot is waterproof.


The majority of our waterproof boots, with exception to the OutDry® range, feature the booty system. The seams in the reinforced and personalized Drytex membrane are thermowelded to avoid water penetration but still assure breathability. The EVA covering on the midsole guarantees maximum shock absorption and the booty from being damaged.

Replaceable Front Fastening Closure

The foot area of the foot is characterized by a semi-elastic strap that allows the dress to be customized. The strap has been developed with a simple adjustment system.

Lace Closure

This boot feature a lace closure.

A.P.S (Air Pump System)

Replaceable-antibacterial-pad-with-APS-(Air-Pump-System) Air is pumped from a specific centralized position in the A.P.S. perforated footbed to the entire insole; consequently, air circulation within the boot keeps feet cool and comfortable. The Ice Pro and all OutDry® touring models will feature the personalized microfiber covered A.P.S. insole.


Lightness is a fundamental feature of motorcycle footwear. The Motorcycle Footwear Building System combined with the continuous and accurate search for quality materials.


SAS-TEC is an innovative producer of protectors (body armour) with many years of experience in this sector. The fraught with risk bike sport in particular is our core competence.

Midsole - Sottopidi Semelle Itermediare

All of the midsoles used in the Forma range have specific elements to suit different motorcycle footwear needs. In general the midsole must be flexible in the front and stiff in the heel area. Front flexibility improves gear control and enhances easy walking while a stiffer back assures perfect foot stability on the foot peg. EVA covering on the midsole is featured in all Forma waterproof boots while felt covering is used in almost all of the remaining boots to guarantee extra comfort and shock absorption. The different motorcycle segments require different degrees of front flexibility and rear rigidity when riding. This is why the Forma range offers 3 different midsoles to its consumers.

Memory Foam

The polymer padding with memory used in critical foot areas is a feature in all footwear of the Shape range, excluding those with an inner shoe.

CLM (Controlled Lateral Movement)

C.L.M. SMART is the first protector on the market that can be used in two different ways and for two different purposes. This new and unique patented protector system, features an exclusive quick fastening/unfastening system called SMART that joins or divides the two parts that make up the protector. AKIRA C.L.M. SMART can, in fact, be used as a back protector (FB: Full Back Protector) or only the bottom half for your lower back lumbar area (LB: Lower Back Protector). Both of the protector devices are CE approved pr EN 1621-2:2013 (Level 2). Once divided the protector easily fits into your motorcycle case!

Dual Flex Midsole

A contoured shaped nylon injected midsole to offer standard front flexibility. The stiffness in the back is ensured by a central embossed insert which is injection moulded. This midsole is used in the entire racing line and a part of the touring collection.

Adjustable Velcro Closure

This boot features an adjustable velcro closure.

Smart System

SMART can, in fact, be used as a back protector (FB: Full Back Protector) or only the bottom half for your lower back lumbar area (LB: Lower Back Protector). Both of the protector devices are CE approved pr EN 1621-2:2013 (Level 2). Once divided the protector easily fits into your motorcycle case!

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